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Rideshare Coverage

Uber and Lyft drivers…are you covered? We can help

Do you drive for Uber or Lyft? Here’s something you may have never thought about:

When you’re off the clock, you’re covered by your personal car insurance policy. When you’re on the clock with a passenger in the car, you’re covered by Uber or Lyft’s rideshare company policy. Pretty easy so far right?

BUT…(you knew there had to be a “but” right?) did you know that time between when you’re on the clock heading to pick up a customer your app is on and you’re available but have not yet accepted a trip, you’re not actually covered for Comprehensive and Collision by either policy? Surprising, right?

From feedback provided by rideshare drivers just like you, we created car insurance coverage for that gap when neither policy covers you. Just one way we’re thinking of “the way it should be” rather than settling for “the way it is.”

So go ahead – make some extra money driving your rideshare vehicle for Uber or Lyft with real peace of mind for the first time ever. We’ve got you covered!

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