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Verti Introduces New Kind of Accident Forgiveness for New Customers with Previous At-fault Accident

Unique FreePass℠ program is the first of its kind offered in Pennsylvania

With Verti’s FreePass, new customers of Verti who have had one at-fault accident with their previous insurance company will not be charged extra because of that accident. Verti does not require insureds to be customers for a certain length of time to qualify for accident forgiveness, or charge customers a higher cost to add accident forgiveness to their auto insurance policies. Verti forgives one prior at-fault accident at no charge for new customers who have had an at-fault accident in the preceding three years. Another unique aspect of FreePass is that new customers who have had no at-fault accidents with their previous carrier in the preceding three years, get one “free pass” for a future accident while insured by Verti. Additionally, accident forgiveness may be earned after just three years without any at-fault accidents. “We know everyone makes mistakes and we believe drivers with one at-fault accident should not be penalized for that mistake. For that reason we are pleased to offer FreePass to these new customers in Pennsylvania, with no increase to their premiums,” said Verti Chief Executive Officer José Luis Bernal. “Through the use of smart data, Verti will strive to constantly improve digital efficiency, cost savings and be at the forefront of innovative car insurance experiences.”

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