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Personal Advisor

At Verti, we match you with your own dedicated Personal Advisor. Who’ll be looking out for your best interests you every time you call, text or email them. This is no “next available agent” in a giant call center telling you to “take a number please” – this is someone who gets to know you and understands your specific needs.


Real people, not robots

No more getting bounced around in some faceless call center. Your Verti Personal Advisor is someone who knows you, and understands your needs, whenever you contact them. Think of this person as your advocate for getting you the answers you need, when you need them.


Highly trained in the art of helping you

Every Verti Personal Advisor is empowered to take action. They can consult with you on your coverage to help you select what’s best for your individual needs, something that’s just not possible with an app alone.


The same experience for everyone on your policy

Your Personal Advisor is also assigned to each person who’s covered on your policy. That means a consistent, seamless experience without having to explain the same information over and over.


We’ve got your back

Personal Advisors are real people who have families, take sick days and plan vacations. But that doesn’t mean the personalized help you expect should take a vacation. If your Personal Advisor happens to be away, you still get the same consistent coverage. Their immediate team is up to speed so they can help you in real time without waiting for someone to get back in the office.

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