Being green to save some green

Driving cleaner air

Do you have a passion for the planet? Are you a world-class recycler? Does seeing “This Page Is Intentionally Left Blank” in a stack of paperwork make you wonder why the heck it was printed in the first place? Us too. In fact, here are some ways Verti helps make the world a little greener and cleaner:

Cutting paper clutter

We are proudly digital-first – which means along with making insurance simpler and smarter for customers, we do our part to save a few trees.

When you request a quote and sign on with Verti, you won’t drown in a sea of paperwork. Almost all of our “forms” are app based, so you choose what you want and move on to the next section. Full disclosure: there are a few old-fashioned paper forms that we’re required to have you fill out due to insurance industry regulations. We’re trying to change what we can, but for the most part it’s all baked in the app.

Same goes for the team here at Verti’s home office. When we have meetings, we don’t print out agendas or reams of paper people will wind up tossing on the way out of the conference room. Why be wasteful?

Walking the walk (or driving the drive, I guess)

Do you own a hybrid or electric vehicle? Several of us here at Verti do too. But it’s not about us, it’s about you. We’ll give you a discount on your policy right off the top, just for driving your eco-friendly vehicle the way you always have.

So…what’s next?

Whether you’re an eco-warrior, just someone who loves the high MPG of hybrid and electric vehicles or, frankly, just do it to save a few bucks; we’re always on the lookout for new ways to help you out. Being green and saving green…it’s a win, win!

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