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Car insurance powered by real people...not robots
The road you’ll travel with Verti begins with car insurance. And we’re looking forward to a really amazing road trip with you. Here’s what we're doing differently:
Building insurance from the ground up
We listened to people like you to find ways to make car insurance better. We built our company from the ground up to make it simple…and smart.
Dedicated Personal Advisor
Hate the call center runaround? So do we. That’s why you’ll be paired with your own Personal Advisor. A licensed advisor who gets to know you and your needs to help you better.
Self-service mobile app
Self-service mobile app
You can do it -- everything you need to take care of your policy, billing, submit claims, and manage your renewals all from your mobile device. Anytime, anyplace.
Continuous feedback
Continuous feedback
To make Verti great, we want to hear what our customers say – and then take action. We're constantly seeking feedback to help us deliver better experiences.
Reduced paper clutter
From filing a claim to receiving a payment, you won’t touch a single sheet of paper. We are proudly digital-first – which means along with making the insurance experience simple and smart for customers, we do our part to save a few trees.
Complimentary coverages
We're happy to offer a range of freebies to all Verti customers, like new car replacement for qualifying vehicles and repair assistance from a trusted mechanic who can provide expert advice.
Custom coverages
We've also designed a few specialized offerings to help some customers with specific needs, like custom coverage for Uber and Lyft drivers that cover gaps where they're uninsured while on the job.
Payment Center
Discounts galore
From online purchasing discounts and lower rates the longer you’ve lived in your current address to off-the-top discounts for driving hybrid or electric vehicles, you’ll find many ways to enjoy savings on top of savings with Verti.
Communications when and how you'd like
Whether you’re a chatter, emailer, talker, texter – even a video chatter -- we're here for you, your way. Just set up your personal preferences and you'll hear from us the way you'd like.
Panic Button
Relax, we’re here for you
We may call this feature our Panic Button, but its real purpose is help you not panic and take the stress out of an already stressful situation. You’ll get you in touch with someone right away, from emergency services and after-hours roadside support to account support, no login needed.

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The road you’ll travel with Verti begins with car insurance. And we’re looking forward to a really amazing road trip with you.