Claims Made Easy

Nobody wants to have a claim, but we want to make your claim experience as simple as we can. Our claim process is not filling out a bunch of forms, but a simple and smart question and answer format. Reporting a claim is easy in the app and you are guided through the process. You can also manage your claim with our unique “What’s Next” functionality which puts you in control of the process.



The fastest way to figure out how bad your cars damage is and how much it will be to repair it is to have our expert appraisal team review photos of your damaged vehicle. The Verti app walks you through our “smartPics” photo appraisal process, helping you to capture and upload all the photos that are needed with just your mobile device.


If you don’t already have a preferred auto body shop in mind after an accident, you can use your app to search for and select a smartRepair shop near you! The shops within our smartRepair network take the stress out of coordinating getting your vehicle’s damages fixed. smartRepair shops can make arrangements to pick up your vehicle and can even coordinate a rental vehicle for you while repairs are being completed. And, all smartRepairs are guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle!

What's Next? Claim Management

With the Verti app you can make your own decisions regarding your claim and get updates as your claim progresses. Your smartLockerSM will contain electronic documents, so claim information is easy to access. If anything needs your attention, you’ll receive a notification so you can manage your claim whenever it’s convenient for you.
As always, if you need any help or have questions regarding your claim, your Claim Advisor is only a call, text or email away.

Had an incident?

We’re sorry to hear you had an accident, but we’re here to help.

It’s fast and easy to report accidents and any body or glass damage to your vehicle. As always, if you need any help or have questions regarding your claim, as a Verti customer your Personal Advisor is only a call, text or email away.