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Digital Freedom Agreement

 (for electronic communications, signatures, and delivery)

Verti communicates electronically with our customers using email, push and SMS notifications. As the law requires that we get your consent to electronic communication and electronic signatures, we need your agreement below.

Scope of Consent: You agree to accept from Verti Insurance Company (“Verti”) electronic delivery of all materials (including disclosures, policy forms, notices, correspondence and all other documents) that may be delivered as part of insurance-related transactions or claims with us. You also agree to the use of electronic records and electronic signatures in connection with all insurance-related transactions.

Electronic Delivery of Documents: You agree that delivery occurs when a document is: (1) displayed, printable and downloadable from your web browser; (2) delivered to your e-mail address; or (3) delivered to your Verti Account and notice of that delivery is sent to you via push notification, text or email. If you are unable to retrieve a document, you will immediately notify Verti, so we can make sure we get the document to you.

System Requirements: You must have a device capable of receiving email from us. Your documents are accessible from any mobile device or computer that has both a web browser and a pdf reader by going to www.verti.com and signing in to your account.

How to Update Your Contact Information: If you change your e-mail address or phone number, you can simply update us through the Settings in your Verti Account, by emailing Verti at service@verti.com.

How to Request Paper Copies: You can request paper copies of documents we have previously provided to you electronically by sending a request to service@verti.com which should include your email address, full name, the email address you wish us to send these documents to, and a phone number if we need to chat. Verti does charge a fee for this service.

Withdrawal of Consent: You can withdraw consent for electronic form and delivery of documents at any time by contacting your personal advisor, or emailing Verti at service@verti.com. If you do withdraw this consent, we will mail all documents after a reasonable period. But as this is extra work for us, we will have to charge you an annual fee to do this.