Complimentary coverages

Who doesn’t love a freebie?
Everybody deserves a break and that’s why we created a couple of super awesome complimentary coverages for everyone


Repair Assist

Car making a clunking noise and not sure what it is? Repair Assist brings you a certified mechanic to help diagnose the problem and give you a rough estimate for how much it will be to fix that clunking noise before you ever step foot in a garage. They can even help you if you’re skeptical of what your mechanic had to say right over the phone. A Repair Assist assistant is just a call away!

New Car Replacement

As soon as you drive a brand new car off a dealership lot…it’s already dropped in value. That’s a crummy feeling, right? Now imagine you get in an accident and your brand spanking new car is totaled. Ugh. Will you have to downgrade? Will the loan be covered? Relax! For qualifying vehicles, New Car Replacement ensures that you can get into a replacement vehicle that still has that new car smell.

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