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Stop overpaying for your car insurance. From Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, we’re on a mission to change the way people look at auto insurance. Verti aims to make auto insurance simple, smart, and convenient. We focus on making your insurance policy personal to you- from our mobile app where you can manage your policy on the go, to your very own personal advisor to answer all your questions. At Verti, we are always exploring new, innovative ways to make auto insurance easier for you. Did someone say saving money? We offer up to 14 discounts to save you a ton of money so you could save hundreds when you switch. So drivers of the Quaker State, we can’t wait to make your auto insurance simple, smart, and personal with Verti.


What makes Verti car insurance different?

Auto insurance coverages we offer

Okay so it happened- a car accident. You know all that truly matters is that you, your passengers and any other people involved are okay. But after you’ve dusted yourself off, you realize that the beautiful car you saved all your pennies for, is damaged. That’s where we come in. With our collision coverage, fixing the damage to your vehicle as a result of an accident is covered. So you can cruise around in that shiny red sedan or silver truck without worry, we’ll make sure it stays in good shape.

When you think about vehicle damage, you think of an accident, right? Well, we thought of everything else that could potentially happen to your car. Tree branches falling on it, someone breaking into your car, someone keying your car door, deer running into the side of your vehicle while it’s parked, shall we go on? With our Comprehensive coverage, if anything other than an accident damages your vehicle, you’re covered. Theft, fire, an alien invasion, whatever. You also need to have collision coverage if you have comprehensive coverage as well. That way you’re covered no matter what.

No one wants to think about someone being injured in an accident. Yikes. However, it’s important to have auto insurance that will protect you in the event a bodily injury occurs, just in case. If you are at fault in an accident and someone is injured, whether they were the other driver, a passenger in your vehicle or a pedestrian, bodily injury coverage will cover their medical expenses, so it isn’t coming directly out of your pocket. Safe driving should always be your first priority, but if something were to happen, it’s important to be prepared with bodily injury coverage.

It’s never fun when you are found at fault in an accident. Ugh. However, with our property damage coverage, you can breathe a little easier. Property damage coverage covers any damage to other person’s physical property in the accident. It can be used if anything else that belongs to someone else is damaged in an accident, like a fence, house, garage, mailbox…you get the idea. We don’t recommend driving into anyone’s mailbox, but accidents happen and property damage coverage will protect you from having to pay to fix any damage out of pocket.

Here’s to you for having auto insurance that will protect you no matter what you run into (hopefully not literally) on the road. Good for you! Unfortunately, not everyone does. With uninsured driver insurance, if you get in an accident with a driver who doesn’t have any auto insurance to pay for your auto or medical bills, uninsured driver insurance will take care of it, so you don’t have to pay out of pocket for an accident that wasn’t your fault. Phew! Similarly, if you’re hit by a driver with insurance, but not enough to cover all your expenses, underinsured motorist insurance can take care of whatever the other driver’s insurance couldn’t.

So, you get in an accident. Everyone’s okay, and you have a great mechanic fixing your vehicle. But wait! How are you getting to work tomorrow? How will you make it to the concert tonight? No worries. With rental coverage, we’ll reimburse you for your rental car while your damaged vehicle is being repaired or replaced. Just choose the rental coverage option that’s right for you, and we’ll have you back on the road in no time. 

Car insurance discounts


Good Driver

We love safe driving, you love discounts. Our Good Driver discount helps you save when you have a clean driving history.


Good Payer

You may not be rewarded for showing up to work on time, but we’ll reward you for paying your bill on time starting on day one. We appreciate your punctuality!


Own a cottage in the mountains? A condo downtown? Wherever you prefer to live, you can save with our homeowners discount.


Advanced Shopping Credit

When your mother told you “the early bird catches the worm” well, there was some truth to that. Purchase your new policy before your old one runs out- and get a sweet discount.


Hybrid & Electric Vehicle

Good for you for going green! Enjoy a discount for being friendly to our planet with our Hybrid & Electric vehicle discount.


Paid in Full

One payment and done? Get rewarded for paying your policy in full with our paid in full discount.


Multi Vehicle

The more the merrier? We think so, especially when it comes to insuring your vehicles. Get a discount for insuring more than one car with us with our Multi-vehicle discount.


FreePass Accident Forgiveness

New customers with one at-fault accident with their previous insurer won’t get a higher auto insurance rate & if you haven’t had an at-fault accident before, you get accident forgiveness for free!*

Car Insurance can be fun…

…but car insurance to most is seen as boring and necessary. Luckily here at Verti, we don’t think auto insurance has to be dry and confusing. In our blog, we explain important things you should know about your insurance policy- in language that a regular person would understand (and that won’t put you to sleep). Like this video explaining what the heck tort is. We also think driving should be fun, that’s why we included our favorite playlists, road trip spots, tailgating tips and more non-insurance things here too. And a couple car hacks, like how to jump start your car, just in case. Be sure to visit us regularly so you never miss a helpful tip!

Complimentary Coverages

Who doesn’t love a freebie? Everybody deserves a break and that’s why we created a couple of super awesome complimentary coverages for everyone.


Repair Assist

You can’t ask Siri why your car is making weird noises, but you can ask Repair Assist. If you’re car isn’t working or sounding right, you can speak with a certified mechanic to not only diagnose the problem, but they’ll let you know roughly how much you can expect to pay to fix it. No waiting around at the auto repair shop required! Oh, and when you do get to the mechanic, if you aren’t sure about what he has to say, you can get your repair assistant on the phone to double check.


New Car Replacement

A brand new car is one of the most exciting purchases to make, especially one you’ve been obsessing over forever. No one wants to even think about damaging their shiny new purchase, not to mention totaling it. Yikes. Let us ease those anxieties with New Car Replacement. If an accident were to happen and your qualifying new car is irreparably damaged, we’ll make sure you can get into a replacement vehicle that’s just as new smelling. No downgrading, loans or worrying required!


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