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Car Insurance Discounts & Rewards

Who doesn’t love to save money? Verti offers many unique discounts, rewards and ways to save and you can add the discounts that apply to you through the Verti app or an Advisor can walk you through the details and make sure you are saving every penny possible. While we have even more standard discounts available, here are a few discounts that really make us special:


Loyal Customer Discount

You like us, you really like us! This is a discount for simply being a Verti customer. The discount starts once you have had your Verti policy for 1 year and the discount grows over time.


Good Payer Discount

How many people reward you just for paying your bill on time? Well…we do! This is, you guessed it, a discount of up to 8% for paying your bill on time which every new customer gets from day one.


Clean Driver Discount

If you’ve had a clean driving history for 36 month you can get up to 5% off of your policy. If it’s been 60 months that discount can go up to 10%. Best of all, if you’ve been a safe driver without any accidents, speeding tickets or the like for 3 or 5 years prior to becoming a Verti customer, you can be rewarded with this discount on day one!


Bound Online Credit

Strange name, simple discount. Simply buy your policy online through our website or mobile app and get a credit on your policy! How easy is that?


Homeownership Discount

If you own a home or condo and you’re looking for a break on your car insurance look no further! This discount will help you save up to 5%!


Multi Vehicle Discount

Have more than one car you want to insure? Then you should get a break, right? We think so. With our Multi Vehicle Discount you can save up to 25% on your policy.


Advanced Shopping Credit

Do you get your holiday shopping done before Halloween? If so, this way to save is made for you. Simply get a valid quote from us seven or more days prior to your policy’s effective date and you could get a credit of up to 6% on your policy to start out.


Good Student Discount

Get straight A’s? Make the honor roll every year? Then this is the discount for you or the young driver in your house. Full time high school or college students who are less than 25 years old and maintain a “B” average or better and/or are listed on the “Deans List” or “Honor Roll” can get a discount up to 8%.


Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Discount

If you’re driving a hybrid or electric vehicle to not only be friendly to the environment but also to save money – have we got a discount for you. That hybrid or electric vehicle just saved you up to 2% off your insurance policy. Another way to go green by saving some green!


Paid In Full Discount

Don’t like to carry a balance and just pay things off? Then this is the discount for you. Pay your policy in full and get a discount of up to 8% right off the bat.


FreePassSM Accident Forgiveness

Verti’s FreePass won’t set a higher auto insurance rate for new customers with one at-fault accident with their previous insurer. If you haven’t had an at-fault accident before and meet eligibility guidelines, you get accident forgiveness for free!

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