Mobile App

Make payments, file claims & more with our easy app. So if the only time you have is when you happen to wake up for a 3am snack…our app will be ready. Here are a few key features we’ve got baked into our Verti mobile app designed to put you in control according to your schedule – anytime, anyplace.


All of your documents from quote, policies, billing and claims are easily accessible if needed. You can also add a vehicle, email a copy of ID cards to those covered on your policy and use it to upload items and documents to Verti if needed.


Our claim process is not filling out a bunch of forms, but a simple and smart question and answer format. Reporting a claim is easy in the app and you’re guided through the entire process. You can also view your claim history whenever needed from within the app too. 


From the app you can see an overview of when your next scheduled payment is, pay bills ahead of time if you want to, add secondary payment methods and more. Our payment process can be as easy as “set it and forget it”.


Sometimes things on your insurance policy get a little too complicated to handle yourself. If you ever have questions or need to do something more challenging, like adding a driver to your policy, a Personal Advisor is just a tap away.

Here’s how it works

Go to your appy place

Make payments. File claims. Update coverage.

Whether you’re making changes between things at work or at 3am when you get up for a snack…you can do it all with our easy-to-use app.

Get a quote with Verti and experience what car insurance can be

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The road you’ll travel with Verti begins with car insurance. And we’re looking forward to a really amazing road trip with you.