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As much as you love your vehicle’s flashy paint and seat warmers, those aren’t the most important parts of it. What really matters is what makes it…well…move. Ever wonder what makes your car’s engine run? (And why sometimes it doesn’t?) One big part of what makes your car go is called a spark plug. What is it and why should you know about it? Read on!

A spark plug is basically a little metal contraption in your vehicle that delivers an electrical current from your ignition system to your engine. This “spark” it creates is what provides the engine with a combustion, which is what starts the engine. It also burns the air/fuel mixture, so your car can keep running smoothly until you shut it off.

How your spark plug performs is directly correlated to how well your engine runs. If your vehicle is very slow to accelerate, that could mean a problem with your spark plug. Difficulty starting the engine can be a sign of a worn spark plug as well. Your spark plug is also responsible for burning fuel efficiently, so if you find your fuel economy is poor, you may want to get your spark plugs checked out. These problems should be addressed as soon as possible, to make sure your vehicle keeps running smoothly.

The good news is that if there is a problem with your spark plug, most auto shops are able to replace it fairly easily and quickly.

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