There are few things that can interrupt your day the way a car accident can. Although you can’t completely prevent it from happening, you can find ways to make the aftermath easier on you. The good news is, here at Verti, we’re always looking for ways to make handling your car insurance a little easier. Two of the ways we do this is through smartPics® and smartRepair®. What is it and how can it help you? We’ll explain:

Basically, smartPics is a way for Verti customers to get an appraisal after damage to your vehicle by taking pictures of the damage yourself, instead of having an appraiser come inspect it in person. Just open your Verti app, follow the appraisal process, choose smartPics, and it will guide you through the pictures you need to take to complete your appraisal. Your appraisal will be completed by our internal teams that handle materials damage using your photos, and it usually comes back within 24 hours.

To qualify for smartPics, the damage to your vehicle must be minor, for example, scrapes or dents. There also can’t be any damage to the tires. If your vehicle fits these requirements, you should be good to go with smartPics! The appraisal will be written using only the photos you have taken. Easy peasy!

With smartRepair, you can put in a request from your smartphone with one of our many smartRepair auto shops to take care of everything. You can bring your vehicle to the smartRepair shop you choose, or they’ll pick up your damaged vehicle if it’s undrivable, complete the appraisal and immediately start working on repairs. Have rental coverage on your policy and need a rental while your car is repaired? A smartRepair shop can take care of that too. Once it’s finished, the smartRepair shop will let you know as soon as your vehicle is read to be picked up. With smartRepair, you can count on assistance and being kept in the loop every step of the way. Plus it comes with a lifetime guarantee (Well, as long as the vehicle belongs to you at least), so you can have peace of mind that those repairs were done correctly for years to come.

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