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We’re all in the same boat during Black Friday, stuffed with turkey and ravenous for a good deal on the coolest gifts and gadgets of the year. Even though the deals might be extreme, that doesn’t mean your driving should be. Use these helpful tips to keep yourself safe during your midnight dash to get the best gifts for your family.

  1. Make a plan – When the going gets crazy, it’s best to be prepared. Get some rest and let the tryptophan from the turkey wear off, plot a route and make sure you check traffic reports.
  2. Don’t drive distracted – When you pair busy roads with stressed drivers, things can get hectic. That means you need to devote all your attention to your surroundings and follow the rules of the road. We know you may be tempted to take pictures of terrible parking jobs and slightly hilarious melt downs, but resist temptation and put your phone away. If you really need to use it while on the road, pull over first!
  3. Be a considerate driver – This should be simple, don’t break the rules of the road. No gift is worth speeding, cutting in front of others, and potentially causing a collision. Take your time backing out, especially if you drive a vehicle with a large blind spot. When leaving your parking space, triple check for cars and pedestrians. Of course even when taking extra precautions, you can’t always protect yourself from other drivers driving poorly. So make sure to log in and manage your car insurance policy as well, just so you can be ready in case you get into a fender bender in the parking lot and need to start a claim.
  4. Park well – It may feel like a hassle having to park further away from the door, but the closer you park the more you’ll have to deal with other drivers waiting like buzzing bees to swarm into your empty parking space when you leave. Not safe. We suggest parking as far from the mayhem as possible and in a well-lit area –this way you’ll not only avoid the parking lot shark tank but also you’ll lessen the chance of your car getting dinged up by rogue shopping carts.

Had a small fender bender during your epic shopping extravaganza? Don’t panic. It’s why we’ve made claims a quick 3 step process so that you can get back to grabbing the best steals of the season. Want to know more? Check out how we get the ball rolling and your claim filed all from the convenience of your phone.

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