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Summer time is the time to rock your favorite pair of shades, but did you know that not all sunglasses are created equal when it comes to driving safety? That’s right, your sunnies might be your favorite, but they may not be the best for your eyes. Day driving often means having to deal with not only the sun’s glare, but also the potential for temporarily blinding road glare and the fatigue that comes from squinting all day, luckily the right pair of shades can help protect you from all of that. So we’ve put together this helpful list of what to look for in your next pair of driving sunglasses.

Check the Hue:

Who doesn’t love fun colored lenses? While green, blue, or pink lenses might give you an extra color coordinated kick, they can alter the colors you see and make the likes of amber or yellow traffic lights indistinguishable from red. We suggest going for a less fun, but more helpful dark gray – as it evenly reduces brightness without messing with the colors you see.

Make sure you have SPF:

Just like your skin, your eyes need UVA and UVB protection too. While windshields already offer UVA protection, your sunglasses should block 100% of the aforementioned rays. Otherwise, you run the risk of corneal sunburn and other issues. Typically, you can find this info on the tag or label when you’re buying your sunglasses!

Polarized Lenses are your friend:

The great thing about polarized lenses is that they absorb the reflective glare given off by the road and any oncoming cars; allowing you to focus on the road without getting blinded. Much like SPF, it should say if your sunglasses are polarized somewhere on the label or tab at the time of purchase.

If you’re not sure or can’t remember, then try this trick:

Put on your sunglasses and hold up your phone (make sure the screen is on). Slowly tilt your head to the left or right of your screen. If the screen appears dark or changes color, then good news, the lenses are polarized!

Find the right fit: 

Your dad was onto something, wraparound sunglasses are usually best at protecting your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun as they block light from the sides while allowing you to look out. Maybe it’s time to invest after all?

Make sure they’re well made:

(Sun)glasses are expensive to have to constantly replace, so make sure to get a well-made pair the first time around. Make sure your new potential pair is up to snuff by holding them at an arm’s length and checking for any curvature, blurring, or distortion; if you spot any of these then it’s time to move onto the next contender.

Like what you read? Buy a new pair of sunnies that you’d like to show? How about an old pair you couldn’t live without? Then drop us a line on Facebook and show off your favorite pair driving shades!

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