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Imagine you’re driving along and suddenly your car starts making noises that sound like a wrench bouncing around under the hood.  You start to list all of the possible scenarios as to why this could be happening – maybe you accidentally left something under the hood last time you were refilling your windshield washing fluid, maybe a rock bounced up and is now rattling about, or maybe it’s something far worse…like a tiny unicorn poking holes in your exhaust.

So you go see the closest mechanic and he tells you your doohickey needs to be replaced and it’s one thousand dollars. At this point the panic is probably setting in, is this for real? How do you know if he’s telling the truth or if he’s gouging you on the price?

Relax. You’ve got Verti, the car insurance experts.

Not only do you get exceptional customer service and a Personal Advisor who’s here to help answer any questions you may have, but you also get complimentary coverages that come standard with your policy. Complimentary coverages include offerings such as New Car Replacement* and Repair Assist.

So, what IS Repair Assist? Simply put, it’s coverage for situations like the one mentioned above. Repair Assist puts you on the phone with an ASE/RVIA certified mechanic ready to help. They’ll help diagnose the problem and if the repairs suggested, are reasonable and necessary. Is it really the doohickey that costs a thousand or does it make more sense to replace the whatchamacallit that is only a hundred to repair? They’ll even give you a rough estimate for how much it’ll cost to fix that weird noise you’re hearing and make sure that mechanic you stopped at is not only doing the right repair work, but also charging you a fair price for that work. The best part? It’s free to use and won’t interrupt the whole of your day. Now that’s human and helpful!

* Eligibility criteria apply.  Please see your policy for details.

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