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Everyone needs car insurance and we can all agree that earning money is a good thing. How about getting free money for referring friends while you’re at it? We built a new way for you to earn rewards and we made it super simple. It’s made up of three simple steps:

Step 1: Share

Our referral program is set up so you get your own unique referral link. Email it to your mom, share it with your friends on Facebook, tweet it to your friends on Twitter. Simply share your unique link with friends and family anytime, as long as they’re in the state of Pennsylvania. Whatever way you choose to share your unique referral link is up to you!

Step 2: Quote

When a friend clicks your unique referral link, all they need to do is complete a quote from us. That’s it! Of course there’s a few rules like they can’t already be a Verti customer, have previously gotten a quote or a referral reward and, of course, they need to use your unique referral link so you get credit.

Step 3: Cha-ching!

Did you do step 1? OK so now did a friend complete step 2? Then a la peanut butter sandwiches!! You EACH get a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Rewards will be emailed 1-3 weeks after your friend receives a verified Verti quote. It’s that easy!
Sounds good right? Especially because the more you share, the more you can earn! You may of course have a few other questions about the program. Here are a few common ones:

How many people can I refer?

You can refer as many friends in the state of Pennsylvania as you’d like. No individual can earn more than $5,000 in referral awards per calendar year and any referred individual that has received a Verti quote within the last sixty days, has already been referred, or is a current Verti customer will not count as a qualified referral. There’s more details in our terms and conditions.

Do I have to be a customer to refer someone?

No, you don’t need to be a Verti customer. You could just be someone who got a quote. Maybe you were in an accident with a Verti customer and were just impressed with how we handled your claim. Maybe you just want to earn a little money on the side. Just remember they need to live in Pennsylvania, they can’t already be a Verti customer, have already been referred, or previously gotten a quote in the last thirty days for the referral to be considered valid.

What should I buy with all my referral rewards?!

We have some ideas!

Someone clicked my link, do we get the rewards?

No, the person you referred has to get a full quote. Estimated quotes don’t count. Once they reach a final, bindable price, it’s considered a qualified referral.

What’s the catch?

Well… that’s pretty much it. Definitely don’t SPAM people, or your friends will likely hate you.  Eligibility is limited to individuals only, so you can’t use our referral program to fund your zydeco band. Sorry. You also cannot use our referral program if you’re a business for affiliate lead generation. If you work for Verti, you cannot participate in the referral program. You’re already paid to do your job, so no double dipping! You’re only providing a referral for a quote and that’s it no more, no less. Finally, you can’t sell, solicit, negotiate or discuss the specific terms and conditions of any of the insurance products offered by Verti with any customer or prospective customer. That’s our job! These and a few more details are in our referral program’s terms and conditions.

We all need car insurance, so why not earn money referring your friends, your friends get paid as well just for getting a quote and you could potentially save a buck or two on your car insurance and get better coverage to boot? It’s a win-win (win?)! That’s a lot of winning. Do you have other questions about our referral program? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

You Could Save Hundreds on Your Car Insurance

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