What exactly is a Personal Advisor?

When we first started Verti we took the time to meet with potential customers and talk to them about what it was they wanted from their auto insurance provider. We sat on their couches, in their kitchens, and on their floors and had real conversations with real people. We talked about everything and anything that had to do with insurance, from pricing and service, to what’s expected and what needs to change. We really listened, took their wants and needs to heart and created a simple and smart answer to insurance.

One recurring theme was that people like the ability to get things done on their own, usually via app – more importantly people like to be kept in the loop and understand what’s going and what they’re getting without all the confusing insurance talk. On the flipside, people also sometimes want simple, consistent service, from a real person who has their back and works with them, not against them.

So we thought about it, researched it, and came up with the Personal Advisor. Everyone gets a Personal Advisor when they sign up with Verti, but you aren’t really forced to use them – it’s your choice. If you’d rather make your own insurance choices then you can do so through app, but if you have questions or would rather have a pro walk you through the process, then call up your Personal Advisor, it’s what they’re here for.

Want to know more about your Personal Advisor? Meet them here!