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Let’s be honest, it’s terrible trying to get the help you need nowadays right? Sometimes you get the robotic menu. You know…press 1 to get put on hold, press 2 to get disconnected, press 3 if you’re sick of this and want something better.

Enormous contact centers are even worse. Bad hold music. Explaining your situation only to get transferred, then explaining again. Then transferred again and waiting on hold forever only to be disconnected. Again. We know there’s a better way.

When we started Verti, we met with people just like you and talked to them about what they wanted from their auto insurance provider. One recurring theme was that people wanted to be able to do-it-themselves with an app. They also wanted to be able to call to get help from a real person who has their back and works with them, not against them.

So we came up with the Personal Advisor, or PA for short. Think of a PA as having your own dedicated insurance agent. Someone who is familiar with your situation, the drivers in your home or soon to be drivers in your home. Someone who can make auto insurance recommendations to best fit your needs.

Best of all, that PA is the person you’ll text or talk with almost every time you need help. Even if you get into an accident at night and your PA is sleeping, if you hit the Panic Button in the app you have access to someone to help 24/7. Your PA will also follow up with you ASAP. Even if they’re on vacation, they’ll have someone assigned to you and will follow up when they get back in. Simple service with a real person and no more call center runaround.

To put it simply, your PA is here to give you coverage advice and to help with changes on your policy that may need approval. Hopefully this helped you better understand the benefits of having a Personal Advisor, or PA, to help with your car insurance policy. Any other aspects of having a Personal Advisor that you’d like us explain? Leave us a comment on Facebook or Twitter to let us know!

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