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That incredibly exciting and (slightly annoying) time has finally come for you to buy a new car. Whether old faithful finally needed so much work it was time to let her rest in peace (or pieces) or maybe you just want to upgrade, we’re here to make the process just a little easier (and maybe save you some dough).

  1. Check manufacturer incentives: Did you know whether you’re purchasing outright, financing or leasing most vehicle manufacturers offer incentives on their vehicles? For instance, a manufacturer may offer you a 0.0% APR if you decide to finance with their bank or if you bring your own financing they may offer some percentage off the cost of the vehicle. Active military, veteran, or student? Guess what? Most manufacturers also offer discounts for you too.
  2. Shop around: Most importantly you should shop around your trade in vehicle since you aren’t required to sell your vehicle at the same place where you buy a new one. Some dealerships will give you more for your trade in depending on what they may need for inventory, same goes for purchasing your new car too – especially if a new model year is about to be released.
  3. Secure your own financing: Don’t like the financing options available at the dealership? Think you could get a better rate on your own? You can explore your options by visiting your local bank or credit union, who often offer exclusive rates for their customers.
  4. Check all the Fees: Tax, title and registration fees are unavoidable, but with others there’s a little more wiggle room. While the dealer may not want to budge, you should try to negotiate the overhead dealer costs – such as the marketing, documentation and dealer fees.
  5. Don’t fall for add-ons: More than likely when you’re in the finance office signing paperwork the finance manager will try to offer you various add on products such as tire and wheel protection, undercoating, extended warranties and key replacement. If you feel the need to purchase extras then feel free to do so, otherwise politely decline as you aren’t required to buy any extra products at all.
  6. New Car Replacement Coverage: Imagine you get in an accident and your brand spanking new car is totaled. With Verti, we offer an automatic coverage called New Car Replacement which is included for eligible vehicles at no extra cost. For qualifying vehicles, New Car Replacement ensures that you can get into a replacement vehicle that still has that new car smell. It is required that you also have comprehensive and collision as part of your car insurance policy.

Did our tips help you buy a new car? Have some other great ideas on how to save a little money at the dealership? Tell us what you think on Facebook!

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