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There’s no doubt going away to college brings a whole lot of new responsibility for a student. They have to do their own laundry, clean their own room, and remember to eat a vegetable every once in a while. But while they’re (hopefully) ready to leave home, are they ready to leave your car insurance? We took a dive into the pros and cons of having your brand new college student listed on your insurance policy.


  • It’s better to be safe– If your student will be bringing a car to school or commuting from home daily, it’s a good idea to make sure they’re covered. But even if they won’t have access to a car regularly, they may end up driving a friend’s car or getting in an accident as a passenger. Plus, he or she may want to drive when home for breaks. By keeping them on your policy throughout their college days, you have peace of mind knowing they’re covered no matter what .
  • Discounts for you– It can get expensive to have a young driver on your insurance, but some insurance policies actually offer discounts for families that have students in college. You and your student can earn discounts for good grades, being far away from home, or other specifics. Be sure to check your policy to see if any of these discounts apply to you or your student, and take that into consideration.


  • High costs- Having a student on your insurance policy will increase the amount you owe for your car insurance. By taking your student off your policy, you’ll likely see a welcomed drop in your bill. It’s definitely something to think about if your student really won’t be driving at all while at school, for instance if their college is a city campus with great public transportation but without ample parking. In that case, paying to have your student on your policy may not be the best investment.
  • It may not work with your insurance policy- Some insurance companies will require you to pay full price regardless of how frequently (or infrequently) your student drives or they may not offer student discounts at all. Look into whether your policy is college-student friendly before you decide to keep them on.
  • They may need their own policy anyway- Some policies require family members to purchase their own insurance once they have a different address from their parents (the original policy owners). That means if your student is planning to move out for good once college starts, it may be best for them to get their own policy right away and avoid any issues post-graduation.

These are a few of the most important pros and cons to consider as you or your kid goes off to college. Any other reasons you can think of to either keep them on or pull them off of your insurance policy? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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