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There are some real oddball traffic laws, roadside attractions and little known facts about driving in Pennsylvania. Like there are a few towns with quirky names like Cheesetown, Bird-in-hand, and Big Beaver. Want to check out more? Check out our infographic below including some of the most interesting and bizarre facts, stats and attractions we were able to find in PA.

  1. Road tripping to the campsite? If you pull over by a roadside stream, it is illegal to catch a fish with your mouth in Pennsylvania. This may be the most difficult law to break of all time. Although, if you do get caught catching a fish with your mouth, I think the park ranger would likely be too impressed to get you in trouble.
  2. You may not stop and play Bingo if you have been convicted of a felony in Pennsylvania. Bingo is only for law-abiding citizens. Sorry.
  3. When driving on a rural road at night, you must stop every mile, give a “warning signal” to livestock & allow them 10 minutes to clear the road. No specifics on the appropriate way to “warn” a cow have been given, but hopefully you’re not in a rush to get anywhere!
  4. If you see a group of horses coming, you must pull off the road, cover your vehicle with a blanket that matches the landscape & let the horses pass. Where you purchase a “landscape colored blanket” is yet to be determined, but at least you’ll protect your car from horse damage?
  5. Pennsylvania has the highest amount of covered bridges in the US. Plenty for a romantic stroll (or drive).
  6. Oh deer, 2.9% of motor vehicle crashes in Pennsylvania were caused by deer…unfortunately, that’ll cost you a few bucks!
  7. If you’re cruising down Lincoln Highway in Bedford, PA you may see something a bit peculiar. There’s giant coffee pot that sits on the side of the road. It’s called the Koontz Coffee Pot and it’s registered on the National Register of Historic Places. Unfortunately, it no longer has our favorite caffeinated  beverage for sale.
  8. Pennsylvania was the first state to include the URL of their tourism website on a their license plates. PA knows how to market themselves!
  9. State College Area High School was the first school in the US to teach driver’s education. That means PA drivers should be the best drivers, right?
  10. In between Bedford and Fulton counties, there’s 9 miles of abandoned highway, closed off to traffic. This is called the “Abandoned Turnpike” or “Ghost Road”, and was formerly a super popular highway, that used to back up for hours with people looking to zip through the mountains. When it closed down, it became an eerie abandoned highway- and a bike path.

A few crazy traffic laws and crazy stats from your favorite neighborhood car insurance company in Pennsylvania. Anything fun facts or weird roadside attractions we missed? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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