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Saving money on your car insurance shouldn’t be complicated. Unfortunately, if you don’t have everything ready when you start getting a quote, it can be time consuming. Running around to grab this bit of info or that can be frustrating. When you’re shopping for car insurance coverage, you need to have all the required info ready to go. That will get you to a price faster so you can start comparison-shopping. Here’s all the information you’ll need:

  • Date of birth – You’ll want to have the date of birth, or DOB, for all the drivers you’ll want covered on your policy.
  • Vehicle storage location – You need to provide what the physical address is where the car will be parked at. Where you live, the garage you park it in, etc.
  • Driver’s license information – Do you remember all those drivers you needed a date of birth for? Yup. You guessed it. You’ll need to have their driver’s license numbers too.
  • Driving records – You’ll also need to know the driving record for all those you’re looking to insure. Does your spouse have a lead foot and a few speeding tickets? Was someone you’re looking to cover on your policy in an at-fault accident last year? All that info goes into deciding what your car insurance policy cost is.
  • Vehicle Identification Numbers – Your vehicle identification number, or VIN, is used to track your specific vehicle. The VIN serves as your car’s unique DNA, as no two cars can have the same VIN. A VIN displays your car’s unique specifications and is located on the driver’s side of the dashboard of your vehicle or also on the frame of your driver’s side door.
  • Insurance history – How long have you had car insurance? Had there been any gaps in your coverage for any reason? This is all information about prior insurance coverage you’ll need to have handy as the primary named insured on the policy but a good idea for all drivers on the policy.

At a bare minimum, you’ll need the date of birth for all drivers, where the vehicle or vehicles are stored and what the VIN numbers are for those vehicles. These may not always be required up front to get a car insurance quote, but you’ll need them to determine an accurate car insurance rate. No matter who you get your car insurance from.

So what is all this auto and driving history information needed for? The next step is the car insurance company will obtain your accident and violation history. This info is used to create an accurate price for your car insurance. This accident and violation history is called your Motor Vehicle Report, or MVR. The MVR is essentially a summary of your entire driving record. This information is used to provide historical information about what kind of driver and customer you are likely to be. For instance, if you have a lot of speeding tickets, more than likely you’ll continue to drive faster than you should in the future.

We hope having this information ready to go will help simplify your search for car insurance. Have any questions about car insurance gibberish you’d like explained in plain English?  Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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