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Life happens. Many people have experienced the shame and embarrassment of having an at-fault accident. You didn’t do it on purpose, maybe you were temporarily distracted in some way like the kids fighting in the back seat or the dog bouncing around on your passenger seat sidetracked your gaze for a second. We get it. Accidents happen. People make mistakes. Worst of all when your car insurance policy renews You get hit with an average of a 66% increase to your car insurance policy costs, but that increase after an at-fault accident can be as much as 122%. Woof.

Verti knows everyone makes mistakes and we believe drivers with one at-fault accident should not be penalized for that mistake. That was why we came up with FreePassSM Accident Forgiveness to offer our new customers in Pennsylvania. If you haven’t heard of accident forgiveness before, it’s typically part of your car insurance policy which is designed to protect you from getting an increase to your car insurance costs because of an at-fault accident. Most car insurance companies offer accident forgiveness two different ways. The first is as an upgrade or add-on when you purchase your policy, where you pay up front for this protection. The other is earned accident forgiveness; where you go a certain length of time with the car insurance company while being a policyholder without having an accident. What makes our FreePass Accident Forgiveness unique is we won’t set a higher auto insurance rate for new customers who come to us with one at-fault accident with their previous insurer. Verti customers with a prior at-fault accident save an average of $537 per year with FreePass.

Piqued your interest? That’s good! We call this new-fangled offering our Current Accident Forgiveness under the FreePass program. So if you’ve had one at-fault accident in the past three years we’ll price your car insurance policy as if that accident never happened. There are of course a few eligibility guidelines like you can only have one at-fault accident in three years. You also need to stay at-fault accident free while you’re  a Verti customer and of course you need to stick with Verti for your car insurance to take advantage of this program. As long as you do that, your car insurance will not increase as a result of that original at-fault accident occurring before you had Verti for your car insurance.

We know accidents happen. Decca deciding to sign Brian Poole and the Tremeloes rather than The Beatles. Russia selling Alaska to the US. J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter being rejected by 12 publishers. Perhaps you have some of your own mistakes you’d like to pretend never happened (I’m thinking of that mullet haircut I rocked in high school right now). Mistakes and accidents are, regrettably, a part of life. We also feel like most people learn from those mistakes (I happen to like my haircut now). That’s why a first at-fault accident isn’t anything to be proud of, but we feel you’re likely a better driver because of it and give you a break when you become a customer of Verti. Want to learn more about FreePass? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter or go ahead and get a free quote below!

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