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We’ve previously talked about our Current Accident Forgiveness where if you’ve had one at-fault accident in the past three years we’ll price your car insurance policy as if that accident never happened. We also covered Future Accident Forgiveness where if you don’t have an at-fault accident, you’ll get Accident Forgiveness coverage for free. So what makes Earned Accident Forgiveness different?

Earned Accident Forgiveness is fairly straightforward. Once you’ve had a policy with your car insurance company for a set period of time, you “earn” this coverage. Basically you’ve shown through your outstanding driving record that you’re not likely to get into an at-fault accident and if you do, the chances are that you’re not likely to get into another one. So your car insurance company doesn’t increase your car insurance rates as a result of that one at-fault accident.

According to our research, many car insurance companies offer some form of Earned Accident Forgiveness, the variable is how long it takes you to “earn” this complementary coverage. Some companies offer it as early as 24 months; some car insurance companies take as long as 15 years to earn this coverage. Yikes!

Verti offers Earned Accident Forgiveness after you’ve been a customer for 36 months or three years, but the perks of our FreePass Earned Accident Forgiveness just start there. With many Accident Forgiveness programs if you have an accident you may not be charged for that at-fault accident, but you will lose any good driver discounts you may have qualified for. With Verti’s FreePass Earned Accident Forgiveness coverage, if you’ve had an at-fault accident while covered by your Verti car insurance policy, not only are you not charged for the accident, but you also get to retain any Clean for Three Year or Clean for Five Year Discounts you may have qualified for. If you’ve been a customer for three years accident free, we feel you’ve earned the right to keep that discount as well as not be charged for that single at-fault accident. After all…accidents happen.

Driving safely and defensively, is obviously the best way to protect yourself from an at-fault accident. Earned Accident Forgiveness just gives you an added layer of protection against an increase to your car insurance policy if you should ever have an at-fault accident. Any other questions about Earned Accident Forgiveness? Wonder if FreePass can help protect you or even save you money? Ask us on Facebook and Twitter!

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