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Is it possible to get free Accident Forgiveness coverage in Pennsylvania? In a word? Yes. Accident Forgiveness is a part of your car insurance policy designed to protect you from your car insurance costs increasing because of an at-fault accident. An at-fault accident can increase your car insurance premium an average of 47%. That’s why getting Accident Forgiveness coverage can be such a great deal to pay a small amount up front, but protecting you from that huge increase if you should ever have an at-fault accident. Accident Forgiveness, however, is nothing new. Most car insurance companies offer Accident Forgiveness in a couple of different ways.

One is as an add-on to your car insurance policy where you pay a small amount in advance for this protection. Better to pay a couple extra bucks a month than to have a huge increase to your car insurance costs because of an at-fault accident.

The other version some car insurance companies offer is where they build Accident Forgiveness into their product offering so you buy a “premium package” for your car insurance and Accident Forgiveness is one of the offerings that is included.

Our product team looked at nearly every Accident Forgiveness program available in the state of Pennsylvania and thought we could do something unique. In fact, we saw an opportunity to offer three different versions of Accident Forgiveness.

If you don’t have any at-fault accidents before becoming a Verti customer for at least three years, we feel the likelihood is that you’ll continue to be a safe driver. You should be rewarded for your outstanding driving behavior! That’s why Future FreePass Accident Forgiveness is a perk policyholders with no at-fault accidents receive for free. No upcharge. No increased policy cost. No hidden charges, it’s just free free. You can also get a discount for being a safe driver with either our Clean in Three Year Discount or Clean in Five Year Discount if you qualify. That said…accidents do happen. If you do happen to have an at-fault accident once you’re a Verti customer, Future FreePass Accident Forgiveness will make sure that as long as you have Verti for your car insurance, we won’t increase your car insurance policy rates because of that one at-fault accident on your next renewal. You’ll lose any safe driver discounts you may have qualified for, but it will protect you from getting hit with that increased cost most car insurance companies would hit you with as a result of that at-fault accident. If you get into a second at-fault accident, unfortunately then both accidents become chargeable.

The second option is for drivers who are searching for a new car insurance provider and have one at-fault accident on their record in the past three years. Most other car insurance companies are going to give you a penalty charge coming in the door averaging $562 per policy term for that at-fault accident. Woah! With Current FreePass Accident Forgiveness, we pretend that at-fault accident never happened. We know people make mistakes and so if you’ve only had one at-fault accident, Verti assumes you’ve learned to drive a bit more cautiously and we give you a break as a new customer. If you get into another at-fault accident both accidents become chargeable, but we think most people with one at-fault accident aren’t as likely to have another one.

Our final flavor of Accident Forgiveness is called FreePass Earned Accident Forgiveness. Once you’ve been with Verti at-fault accident free for at least 36 months, if you do have an at-fault accident while covered by your Verti car insurance policy, not only are you not charged for the accident, but you also get to retain any Clean for Three Year or Clean for Five Year Discounts you may have qualified for. Other car insurance companies offer some form of Earned Accident Forgiveness, but many make you wait longer to earn it or don’t let you retain any safe driver discounts you could lose if you have an at-fault accident.

The best way to protect yourself from an at-fault accident is, of course, driving safely and defensively. However having Accident Forgiveness protection gives you a bit more peace of mind knowing you won’t get hit with a huge increase to your car insurance policy if you should ever have an at-fault accident. Especially when if you’re a resident in Pennsylvania that coverage could be free. Have more questions about Accident Forgiveness? Wonder if FreePass can work for you? Ask us on Facebook or Twitter!

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