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Have a lady in your life who spends lots of time in the car? Whether toting the kids to soccer or simply just commuting to work, these gifts are sure to make the drive a little smoother. 
  1. Portable Mini Ultrasonic Humidifier and Light: Is she into beauty and skincare? Does she have a long commute to work? Help her combat dry skin with this portable mini ultrasonic humidified and light. Best part? Not only does it shut off by itself, but it’s also portable, which means she can take it from car to office and back again!
  2. Hutzler PigOut CarGo Container: This one is for the mom whose toting kids around from point A to point Z. Keep the snacks handy while on the go with this cute container. Conveniently, it fits into most cup holders too! 
  3. A net storage organizer: Know somebody who has a messy trunk (guilty as charged!) Then get them a trunk storage net to help them tidy up and stay organized.  It’s perfect for all vehicles—whether cars, vans, or trucks, great for storing sports gear, tools, toys, and emergency supplies too. 
  4. A center console trashcan: Help her keep her car clean with this center console trashcan. Leak proof and space saving, this trash bag securely attaches to your center console and stays up right.  Not only does it help keep her car trash free, but it also helps with organization as it has extra pockets for tissues, wipes, and hand sanitizer. 
  5. Side seat caddies: Who hasn’t dropped something in between the seats and struggled to get it out? No matter if its keys, your phone or just spare pocket change, these side seat caddies make it painlessly easy to retrieve your once lost things.
  6. A travel road kit: We’re big into being prepared here at Verti, which is why we think a travel road kit is a great gift!  Make sure to pick one that has all the essentials, such as road flares, jumper cables, and first aid supplies. It’s perfect for everyone on your list. 
  7. Seatback hooks: These were a hit last year, so we’re including them on this year’s list too! Keep your grocery bags from spilling all over the back seat or your purse dumping its contents all over the floor of your car with these seatback hooks. Seriously, even our legal guy thinks these are awesome!
  8. Echo auto: If she’s big into tech, this one will definitely be a hit. Cut down on distracted driving by having Alex play music, check your calendar, find the nearest coffee shop, make calls and more.
  9. Spotify / Audible / Apple Music: Long commutes aren’t pleasant, they’re even worse without company or quality entertainment. Treat her to a subscription to their favorite music streaming, audiobook, or podcast service. 
  10. Sunglasses: Keep her stylish and safe with a pair of sunglasses that are great for driving.  Try to pick a pair that has UVA and UVB protection, along with polarization to keep her eyes safe from the harmful rays of the sun. We suggest any of the pairs from Shwood’s Camp collection
Any great ideas to add? Something you hope to get for your car this holiday season? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter

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