Friday the 13th: A Great Day to Go Live

A lot has been made of Friday the 13th being unlucky. Judas was the 13th guest at the last supper. Stop me if you’ve heard this one…there’s a dinner party thrown by 12 of the Norse gods on Valhalla. Who strolls in as the 13th dinner guest? Loki, the god of mischief himself. Then there’s always that creepy dude walking around with a hockey mask on at a summer camp. 

People are just uneasy around Friday the 13th… most people that is. On Friday October 13th we achieved a major milestone for Verti when we were given a green light to go live. Basically this was a last check internally to cross our “t’s” and dot our “i’s”. We needed to make sure everything was in order so we can start helping customers find insurance solutions that fit their lifestyle. We’ll be opening our floodgates to mobile and do-it-yourself quoting very soon. But this brought us one major leap closer. 

So some people would see Friday the 13th and say “Let’s wait until Monday the 16th to do this.” Not the team at Verti. To us, Friday the 13th was as great a day as any to go live. We’re walking under ladders while a black cat is crossing our path. We’re opening umbrellas indoors to break mirrors with. OK maybe that’s going a bit overboard (he says while knocking on wood). But we’re working hard to totally rethink what car insurance is and could be. Wasting a day because of superstition just isn’t part of that equation. The only thing that could stop us now is if that creepy dude walking around with a hockey mask decides to try to slow us down.