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You’re driving along and, suddenly, a song comes on. Not just any song, but THE song that makes you turn the dial to 11. THE songs to sing in the car. You could care less what people may think when they pull up next to you at a stoplight. You know there’s one song out there that makes you do this every time. There are many fun songs to sing out loud, what’s yours? Maybe you’re less of a singer and more of a tapping the steering wheel kind of driver, so what are your good songs to listen to in the car?

With that intro, we’re back with another playlist of songs to sing in the car to help get you through your road trips, errands, or even just the 2 O’clock slump. This time we asked around the office to find out what are some employees favorite songs to sing in the car, and most importantly why! We’ve got a few and the discussion about them got pretty heated as had to pare the list down to something you could snack on during your next commute. So there’s a little in here for almost everyone.

  1. Mastodon – Blood & Thunder
    “A metal song about Moby Dick… what’s not to love about a battle cry?” – Jay M.

  2. AC/DC – For those about to rock
    “If you’re looking to get fired up (literally), it’s the perfect blend of air guitar, air drums, and hardcore rock-and-roll, Aussie-style. The fact that they fire off rounds of cannons at the end gives it an extra dose of awesome…I can only imagine what it’s like when performed live!” – Seth B.
  3. Clutch – Electric Worry
    “Just a great song to rock out to!” – Yvette H.
  4. Big Wreck – The Oaf
    “I am definitely not a “sing at the top of your lungs” type of guy, but I like this song because it has a catchy twisted southern-rock meets alternative rock sound to it and it totally gets be amped up and in a good mood.” – Wes S.
  5. Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al
    “This song reminds me of a hard but beautiful time in my life years ago with a young love. It was our favorite song and when he was deployed overseas to fight for our country in 2005 if I was sad or missing him I would play that song and still to this day every time I hear it, I literally belt out the lyrics and it makes me feel like I’m transporting back in time!” – Vanessa T.
  6. Big Star – Thirteen
    “I first heard this song as a cover by someone busking in a subway station and I dove into a rabbit hole trying to figure out who the original artist was. Big Star was largely overlooked in the seventies until they were rediscovered by singer – songwriters in the late nineties. The nostalgic storytelling of new love with the simple and playful melody hooked me the first time I heard it.” – Eric G.
  7. The Beatles – Oh Darling
    “You can ONLY belt this song and you can (should?) ONLY do it alone, so it is perfect for the car.” – Mike M.
  8. Pearl Jam — Alive
    “Because it’s a song that defines an era, and everybody can sound as good as Eddie Vedder.” – Matt E.
  9. Michael Jackson – Man in the Mirror
    “Because nothing else brings on in-the-car dancing like this one.” – Madison D.
  10. Justin Timberlake – Like I love you
    “Because my man crush on JT is undeniable.” – Nate O.
  11. *NSYNC – It’s going to be me
    “I got the “No Strings Attached” album for my 8th birthday (If you wanted to spot the token millennial, here I am.) I must have listened to the thing millions of times over and left the CD completely and totally scratched. It’s both a forever favorite song and album, and I will car sing and dance my heart out to it at any given moment.” – Kseniya O.

So what is your “go to” song? What is the song that makes you become the lead singer of your car? Share your song with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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