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Summer means no school, lots of sunshine and warm weather of course. All perfect ingredients for one of our favorite summertime activities – a trip to the drive-in. As always, Verti has your back with some helpful tips to make your next drive-in movie adventure flawless.

  1. Choose the right double feature:
    Most drive- ins offer two or more movies for the price of one, but depending on the age range of the crew you’re rolling with – you may have to save the big kid flicks for another time, so make sure you check show times before you head out.
  2. Blankets, pillows, and chairs…oh my!
    One of the best ways to enjoy the drive-in is to turn the back of an SUV, Minivan or Hatchback into a mini comfy zone. We suggest piling up the pillows and blankets for the little kids to lounge and inevitably fall asleep on. Make sure to bring comfortable lawn chairs for the big kids who are more than likely, in for the long haul. We suggest dressing in comfy clothes too – that way, when it’s time to transfer everyone from car to bed, it’ll be a smoother process for all.
  3. Pack Snacks
    While most drive-ins will have a snack shack where you can load up on your favorite movie theater snacks, the beauty of the drive-in is that you can bring your own. We recommend easy mess free summer snackables like cut up fruit, homemade pizza bagels (personal favorite,) and chips and dip.
  4. Pack the essentials:
    Bug spray and portable radios are a must have for the drive-in. One keep you free from itchy mosquito bites and the other to help preserve your car battery without sacrificing on the sound quality. Also, make sure to keep some jackets in the car as it can get a bit chilly after dark.
  5. Arrive early:
    If you’re serious about getting a prime spot, make sure to get to the theater 1-2 hours before the movie is scheduled. Once you’ve set up camp you can walk around, check out the playground if they have one, toss around a ball, or even play some games to pass the time, all the while ensuring you got the best spot for optimal viewing.

So, did this blog post make your trip to the drive-in easier? What other kinds of summer activities would you like us to cover? Drop us a line on Facebook and let us know!

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