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One of our favorite nice weather activities is to get in the car, roll down the windows and hang your head out the window while you go for a ride. We’re talking about your dog of course! Unfortunately, riding around in cars with dogs usually means weird odors, lots of pet hair and, of course, slobbery nose marks on windows. Here’s a few doggone tips to keep your car spot free:

  1. Clean up:
    First things first, clean the interior of your car to get rid of any pet hair, stains and any other unidentifiable bits that may be crusted onto the fabric interior or car carpets. We suggest renting a steam cleaner to help loosen all the gunk and dirt from the fabric or look into getting your vehicle interior professionally cleaned. Want some more cleaning tips? Check out our spring cleaning guide!
  2. Invest in all-weather floor mats:
    Sure, they’re a little more expensive, but all weather liners are easy to remove and even easier to clean. So, not only will they help protect your car from any pet related messes but also any other spills, drips or accidents life may throw at you too.
  3. Seat Covers:
    I know what you’re thinking “Another thing I have to buy? Ugh.” Take a second to hear us out here – think about how annoyed you’ll be after spending time cleaning the entirety of your car only to have it ruined the second your pooch hops into the back seat with mud covered paws. That’s where the seat covers come in, it’ll keep your actual seats hair free and make clean up a breeze too. If you don’t want to spend the extra money, use a blanket made out of fleece or another clingy fabric – It’ll do the same thing as a seat cover with added benefit of being machine wash friendly.
  4. Fabric Guard:
    You’ve cleaned your exterior, you’ve got the pet seat covers, next come the fabric guard. Fabric guard adds yet another level of protection to your seats and covers, and even helps fight against any lasting stains.
  5. Wrap your windows:
    You shouldn’t deprive your dog of precious face out the window time, but you can make post drool clean up easier. You’ve got two choices here – you can invest in a pull over window shade that will not only help keep nose marks off windows but can also reduce up to 80% of UV rays along with the overall heat of your car. Want a cheaper alternative? Though it won’t help protect against the heat or UV rays, good old kitchen grade plastic wrap will help keep your windows free of snout prints.
  6. Clean up ASAP:
    Accidents happen. However cleaning up quickly makes all the difference, as it’ll keep stains from setting. Keep some manufacturer recommended leather or upholstery cleaner handy to make the cleaning process nice and quick.
  7. Designate a spot for Spot:
    Figuring out Spot’s favorite spot means you can keep the dog proofing to a select portion of your car. On top of that, a designated place means you can increase his safety by using a seatbelt attachable harness, which reduces the chances of Spot (and you) getting hurt during a potential accident.

So, you mutt as well at leashed give these a try, right? Hope these dog-proofing tips will be helpful to your car. Think we missed something? Leave us a comment on Facebook and let us know!

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