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We’re taught from the youngest age that green means go, red means stop. When we get older and learn to drive, we learn all the other basic rules of the road, and the important traffic laws that makes everyone’s commute run smoothly. But in some states, there are a few traffic laws that are a little…bizarre. From driving blindfolded to tying alligators to the roof, these states have traffic laws that no one would think would ever be necessary…but are. We gathered some of the craziest traffic laws in the US for your enjoyment.

  1. In Montana, you cannot leave a sheep in your car unattended. This is probably a good idea. A sheep taking a bite of your leather seats is a BAAAA-D idea anyway.
  2. In New Jersey, it is illegal to frown at a police officer while driving. New Jersey law enforcement needs positivity and positivity only.
  3. In Alabama, you’re not allowed to drive blindfolded. Reasonable. If you try this in any other state you will probably still get in trouble, but good on Alabama for putting it in writing!
  4. In Florida, if you tie an alligator to a parking meter, you must pay the parking meter. Only in Florida can you get a ticket on your alligator.
  5. In North Carolina, you are not allowed to take a joyride through a cemetery. It wouldn’t be a joyride anyway, it would be a sadness ride.
  6. In Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is illegal to drive a red car on Lake street. If you have a little red corvette, hopefully there’s no one you need to see on Lake Street.
  7. In California, it is illegal for a woman to drive wearing a housecoat. I suppose if you can’t drive anywhere in it, it really is a housecoat…otherwise it would be a carcoat!
  8. In Georgia, you are not allowed to spit from a car or a bus. But, you are allowed to spit from a truck. Eww…gross.
  9. In Arkansas, you cannot honk near a sandwich shop after 9 pm. Shh…the turkey sandwiches are sleeping!

We set out to make car insurance in Pennsylvania simple and smart, but it seems like some of these traffic laws are anything but simple OR smart! Know of any other crazy rules of the road? Share your favorites with us over on our Facebook or Twitter

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