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As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to make unexpected changes to all of our lives, Verti is making changes too. We’re providing a new extension of car insurance coverage to hopefully help make some of our customer’s lives a bit easier during this very difficult time.

Many of you are being asked to do things you didn’t have to do just a couple of months ago. Some of you are now teaching your kids at home while trying to work from home at the same time. Verti customers may need to use their own personal vehicles to make food or grocery deliveries as part of their jobs now. Others may be required to make pharmacy and medical supply deliveries using their personal vehicles because of COVID-19.

Normally using your car for transporting goods or these sorts of deliveries would not be included in your personal auto insurance policy. This is obviously something that you’d normally need a car insurance policy specifically built for commercial delivery services. This however is not a normal time in our lives and exceptions need to be made so people can continue to work and take care of their communities.

Verti will be providing this new extension of coverage for deliveries to help others during this emergency period and very difficult time. All Verti customers will receive this new coverage benefit at no extra charge. As noted, this coverage would not normally be included in your personal auto insurance policy. However, these difficult times require temporary changes to be made so you can continue to work in this changing world. More information about this coverage exemption will be emailed to Verti customers or can be found in your account after you log in.

We know you’ve got a lot of things going on right now and your car insurance probably isn’t the most important thing. We do hope this temporary extension of coverage will at least help to put your mind at ease that you’ll be covered if an accident should happen while you’re making deliveries. We are continually looking at ways to support our customers and we’ll do what we can if you need us. If you have any other ideas that Verti could do to help out during this time we’d like to hear them or share them with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Stay safe, stay healthy and don’t forget we’re all in this together.

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