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Let’s face it, most car insurance ads make it look like all car insurance is about is getting the cheapest rate. Unfortunately, there’s a bit more to getting the right auto insurance policy than just price.

Pennsylvania requires drivers to carry minimum limits for their car insurance coverage. These should be viewed as a starting point, not what would be adequate coverage. Most state minimum limits won’t fully protect you financially in the event of a serious accident.

One area people skimp on is bodily injury liability coverage. Pennsylvania requires you carry $15,000 per person. It sounds like a lot, but let’s say you hit someone and the driver is seriously hurt. Their medical bills rack up to be $40,000. That means your insurance may pay up to $15,000 and you’d be responsible for the remaining $25,000. You could be sued, forced to sell other assets, have your wages garnished or other ways can be found to pay the injured driver back. For a few dollars more a month, you can get extra coverage to protect yourself from that ever having to happen.

Another overlooked coverage is property damage coverage. The state minimum requires you to carry $5,000 in coverage, but can get eaten up pretty quickly if you hit a house or a section of guardrail. Bumping it up to $25,000 gives you a bit more protection in these scenarios for only a few bucks more a month.

Another way some try to save is by dropping collision and comprehensive coverages after their loan or lease is paid off. While this will lower your premiums, it will also leave you vulnerable financially. For instance, if your car is stolen or broken into or vandalized in some way, you’d have to pay for repairs out of pocket. This coverage isn’t expensive and is definitely worth it in the end.

Finally, you may want to think twice before electing to drop uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. A driver with no insurance or who only caries the state minimum could cause injury to you. This coverage helps protect you against that situation. The state minimums, as we mentioned were $15,000 per person or $30,000 per accident. Drivers who only carry the minimum, or gamble and drive without insurance, may be financially strapped. Even if you sue them, you may still have a difficult time being paid for your damages. Again, this is a tiny increase in your policy cost but you’ll be protected against the worst.

Like anything else in life, you get what you pay for. Car insurance is no exception. Going cheap may save you some money in the short term, but you may ending up paying far more in the long run if you skimp on your car insurance. A Product Advisor can help you reduce your overall insurance costs by suggesting discounts you may not have thought of. They’ll work with you to optimize your car insurance so you can get the best coverage but still save money.

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