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It’s now officially the holiday season, which means friends, family and food! For most of us that also means traveling over the rivers and through the woods to get to our destinations. Unfortunately, this time of year also means rain, snow and sleet in Pennsylvania and most of the Northeast – weather conditions that make traveling a little less pleasant. You may have noticed that at Verti, we like to be prepared. That’s why we put together this list of helpful things to keep in your car during winter – so when the going gets tough, you can keep going.

  1. Jumper cables: Not only are these must-haves for when your car battery loses juice, but it also gives you the opportunity to get in the holiday spirit and help out someone else on your travels.
  2. Road flares: Popped a tire in the midst of a snow storm? Break down in the middle of a dark and icy road? Road flares will not only help you stay safe and visible, but warn other drivers to slow down and stay alert of the road hazards up ahead.
  3. Blanket: Whether an extra bit of comfort for your passengers during a wintry road trip, or a way to keep warm when you’re stranded without heat, blankets are a must have.
  4. Flashlight: A staple in every preparedness kit, useful for alerting traffic of your breakdown, helping you flag down assistance, and of course, seeing in the dark. Don’t forget to regularly replace the batteries!
  5. Shovel: This is probably a no brainer, but a shovel comes in handy when you need to dig yourself out of a snowbank or an unplowed road.
  6. First aid kit: You should always have this in your car whether in the winter or otherwise, good for quick fixes to minor bumps and bruises.
  7. Ice scraper: There’s nothing worse than having to wait for all the ice to melt off your windshield, that’s where the ice scraper comes in, helping you to quickly clear off ice and get you going.
  8. Kitty Litter / Sand: We know we make a lot of feline related puns here at Verti, this time we aren’t kitten. A bag of Kitty Litter (or sand,) can seriously help you out in the winter. Not only does a 20-pound bag in your trunk add extra weight and helps prevent fish tailing, but it can also absorb fog and moisture, and serve as extra traction for when your tires are stuck spinning in slush.
  9. Snacks & water: Unfortunately, when the weather gets bad it effects the time it takes for roadside assistance to get to you. Having a case of water and a few nonperishable snacks in your car will help tide you over until you get back home.
  10. Portable battery: Reduce your chances of being stranded without a way to call for help by keeping a fully charged, portable battery in your car. It’s also a great way to get in a few rounds of your favorite mobile game while you wait for the tow truck, without jeopardizing your battery.

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