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Not only does a windshield keep you safe inside your car but it also prevents all the bugs, weather and all other debris out of the cabin; and out of your face. But did you know that you need more than squirting some window cleaner on to properly care for your windshield? Check out our tips on how to protect your windshield:

  • Find the right fluid: Having the correct windshield washer fluid means less of a chance that cracks may develop in your windshield. You’ll have to change your wiper fluid based on the season – wintertime means a winter blend that can handle when temperatures drop below the freezing mark. Summer time means avoiding ammonia-based cleaners as those can damage your vehicle’s window tint.
  • Replace windshield wipers regularly: You should change your windshield wiper blades every six months to a year. It could be sooner though if they start to squeak, streak, or leave a film after wiping.
  • Drive Safe: The number one cause of cracked windshields is of course flying debris, so drive safely to reduce the risk. Try not to drive behind large trucks on the highway and keep enough distance between yourself and other cars. If you’re driving through a construction zone, slow down to avoid any weird construction debris you may encounter.
  • Park Well: Remember, extreme temperature changes can make small cracks expand into ones that are more serious. If you can, keep your car parked in a garage or in a shady location, also try to avoid parking between trees or near bushes. This might be a given, but also park far away from anywhere that has potential for runaway baseballs.
  • Keep your eyes peeled: This one is self-explanatory – keep an eye out for chips or cracks in your windshield. It’s better to remedy the situation instead of letting it sit. If you have a crack, try not to make it worse until you can get it fixed. What does that mean? Well, don’t slam your car doors too hard as that can cause a small chip to web out into a much larger problem. However, if your windshield looks like a cobweb in your basement, you have serious windshield damage and you need to have it replaced ASAP.
  • Check with your insurance providers: Car insurance companies in PA typically want to fix your windshield for your safety, and more often than not, windshield repair is included at no extra cost on your policy.

Did these tips give you a few ideas on protecting your windshield? Know any helpful #carhacks that might apply? Leave us a comment on Facebook and let us know!

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