Since the 90s, automotive innovation has made cars safer than ever. Take a look at some of these changes and discover what the future may hold.

  1. 1990s

    Japan becomes the largest car-producing nation in the world.

  2. 2000s · Hybrid car

    Hybrid technology is introduced to help increase fuel efficiency.

  3. 2010s · Electric car

    The electric car provides better performance and the cost to run a battery powered vehicle became more efficient.

  4. 2020s · Hydrogen car

    Looking to the future, we think the introduction of hydrogen power could be the next step for automotive innovation.

  5. 2030s · Autonomous car

    Some autonomous features are already available on vehicles, like self-parking or park assist. Self-driving cars that don't contain a steering wheel could connect with other vehicles on the road and hypothetically could reduce traffic stoppages.

  6. 2040s · Flying car

    Flying cars possible? It could be. We'd need to define rules about using airspace, but getting around like The Jetsons is imaginable.

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