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Car insurance isn’t exactly top of mind for most in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, but here at Verti Insurance it’s definitely one of those things we think about – along with insuring Santa’s sleigh and miscellaneous space crafts and other fantastic modes of transportation. While we hope that you never actually have to attempt to survive an encounter with the walking dead, here is a quick look at what the ideal “Zombie Apocalypse” car insurance policy would look like:

More than likely you’ll have a horde of zombies stomp all over your car at some point. Particularly in densely populated areas like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia…we all know zombies have a herd mentality. No need to worry, your comprehensive coverage will take care of those dents and dings caused by the undead masses.

Let’s be real here. Traffic is going to be terrible as you attempt to escape population centers; which means fender benders are going to happen too. Your collision coverage can make sure that spiffy little car of yours looks good as new while everyone is riding around with scratches, dents, and arms hanging out the trunk.

Was your fender bender a little worse than expected after a collision (RIP little red corvette)? Then hopefully your rental limits are high enough so you can rent a conversion van to up your chance of survival in the midst of newly anointed zombie country. If you’re worried about your rental limits or have no idea what they’re set at, you can always chat more with your Personal Advisor to make sure you’re covered.

Did a zombie steal your car? Generally, the damages to your car as a result would be covered if you have collision and comprehensive. However, it may have to be considered a total loss if the zombie virus and leftover brains they were snacking on can’t be cleaned out of the upholstery. If your car qualifies for it, new car replacement can help get you into a squeaky clean new vehicle.

Eventually, after months of living on the road and running over various zombie bits, your car will probably degrade. Since you don’t want to barter away your survival supplies for a tow, we suggest adding roadside assistance to your policy to take care of that.

Lastly, be a responsible citizen and protect your small rugged group of survivors by having more than adequate liability coverage , on your vehicle, which covers you from any havoc you may cause yourself.

We’re dead-icated to making sure you have the coverage you need to protect your zombie apocalypse escape vehicle. So, did this help ease your undead worries? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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