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It may be the city of brotherly love, but the city of Philadelphia accounts for more than a quarter of the accidents in the entire state of Pennsylvania. Here we look at some of the accident data from Philadelphia in this infographic.

Accidents in Philadelphia

According to PennDOT, there were 11, 062 motor vehicle accidents in Philadelphia in 2017. In those accidents, 28,768 people were involved in those crashes and 11,266 of them suffered some level of injury in those accidents. There were also 94 fatalities and of those fatalities, a bit over 39% of those fatalities were pedestrians. Almost a third of those total fatalities took place on Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia that was the highest single road for fatalities identified in the city.

Almost 56% (55.81% to be exact) of crashes involved aggressive driving was a factor. Aggressive driving includes activities such as running stop signs or red lights, tailgating, passing in no passing zones, speeding, driving too fast for weather conditions and fleeing the police.

12% of the accidents that occurred in Philadelphia involved a distracted driver. Examples of distracted driving include reading or sending texts on your cellphone, eating or drinking, adjusting the radio, other occupants in the car distracting the driver and even getting drowsy or falling asleep at the wheel.

Alcohol and/or drug usage were a factor in nearly 6% of those accidents (4.79% were alcohol related and 0.89% were attributed to drug use).

How do you protect yourself?

OK. Take a deep breath. Those stats were scary. So other than avoiding Roosevelt Boulevard completely, what can you do to protect yourself and your car?

Some of these are straightforward, like remembering to follow the rules of the road as those traffic lights and speed limits are there for everyone’s safety. Another simple tip is to buckle up every single time you get in the car. . If you drive defensively, you may be a bit more prepared for the unexpected.

A few tips rely more on your judgement. Like do you know when you’re starting to get drowsy while you’re driving? It’s better to get off the road and get yourself a coffee than to continue driving. If you’ve had a drink, should you drive? It’s better to get someone to give you a ride and not to drive at all. Should you answer that call or text? No text is that important, whatever it is…it can wait.

Finally, what can you preemptively do through your car insurance coverage to make sure your car insurance policy will protect you in the event of a car accident?

One area of coverage you’ll want to make sure you have is uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. If someone with no insurance (or only carries the state minimum) damages your car or injures you, you’ll be protected and it’s only a small increase to your policy cost.

Another area to protect yourself is with a good level of property damage coverage. If you hit a mailbox or someone’s house, having adequate coverage in this area will protect you for just a few more dollars a month.

Finally, having acceptable collision and comprehensive coverages will protect you if your car is vandalized, stolen or broken into. Again, collision and comprehensive coverage isn’t very expensive. Having the right level of coverage will provide you with some peace of mind in knowing that your car insurance policy will protect you with the right coverages if you need to use it.

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