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There is an age-old myth that you shouldn’t buy a red car because it raises your insurance premiums. Which means that bright red convertible sports car you’ve been dreaming of since you first heard that classic song from 1982, is suddenly a no go. Including any other vehicle that may be associated with that classic fire engine red color. But is it really true? Does the color of your car really affect your insurance premiums?

The answer is no. The color of your car affecting your insurance cost is a myth (sorry if we gave it away in the first sentence). The color of your car will never actually affect what you pay for your monthly premium; however, the type (year, make, and model) most definitely will. There are a ton of factors that determine rates; for example – if a car is more expensive to repair then your collision and comprehensive coverages will be more expensive too. So the color red will not increase your premium, but if it’s an expensive sports car that will likely increase your premium. Also if you’re constantly being reminded “Honey you got to slow down!”…that will likely come back to haunt you and what you pay for car insurance if you are ticketed for speeding.

So go ahead, buy that brightly colored car of your dreams. Whether it’s red…or maybe even purple, your insurance won’t suffer for it! For a competitive car insurance quote in PA, why not contact Verti? Do you have another car insurance legend you’re curious about? Leave us a comment on Facebook and let us know!

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