What’s baked in our app?

One of the most important things we learned from our chats with real people, was that they wanted the ability to get information and do things by themselves via app. In other words, people want an app that not only works but bypasses the whole “sit on the phone for hours and hours just to change an address or a misspelled name.” Trust us when we say, nobody at Verti personally likes to do that – or wants our customers to do it either. It’s why we created an app that not only works, but puts you in direct control of your insurance policy.

Whether it is 2 am or 4 pm, we created the Verti app to let you make changes when convenient for you, and guess what? Your changes will actually stick – without any extra paperwork or unnecessary approval process.  We realized that at some point, you might have questions while using the app. That’s why we’ve built in video tutorials and step by step walkthroughs directly into the app to help you along.

Want a little more help? That’s cool too! It’s what your personal advisor is here for.  You can contact your personal advisor without ever leaving the app – we’ve made it easy to call, text or email them, whenever you want! 

For us, this is just the beginning, we’ve got plenty of exciting new features planned for the near future. Stay tuned!

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