After you become a Verti Customer, you may be asked to complete a pre-insurance inspection. There’s a number of reasons why we’d like you to do a pre-insurance inspection of your vehicle. Usually we received info that your vehicle was previously involved in an accident, it hasn’t been insured for a while or maybe this is the first time you are purchasing insurance.

When you purchase collision and/or comprehensive coverage for your vehicle, we want to confirm there’s no pre-existing damage to your vehicle. This makes sure the process can be smooth if you are ever involved in a claim. Rather than having to make an appointment at an inspection station and taking a major chunk of time out of your day waiting to get it done, we’ve made the process a breeze in our app taking just a couple minutes. In total you’ll need to take 6 photos of your vehicle. One of the VIN, one of the odometer, one of the rear end, one of the font end, one of the entire left side and one of the entire right side. It’s easy!

You have 5 days to complete your pre-insurance inspection collision, comprehensive and any other associated coverage will be removed from your policy. We REALLY don’t want to have to do that! Here’s a real simple walk through of how to complete your pre-insurance inspection through the Verti car insurance app:

Completing Your Pre-insurance Inspection in the App

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