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Before we became a company, we got the opinions of many individuals about how to make car insurance better. Two things came up: people wanted a powerful app so they could do-it-themselves anytime day or night. They also wanted the ability to contact a dedicated person who could help them when they needed it. From there we went to work and developed our app backed up by someone we called a Personal Advisor, or PA. The Personal Advisor is someone who can provide guidance and help when things get too confusing.

Your auto insurance policy is completely under your control in the Verti app. Need to add a driver? No problem! Update an address? Piece of cake! Check to see when your next payment is due and how much it is? Easy peasy! Uh oh, got into an accident? Starting the claim process through the app is a breeze.

Sometimes you need a little more TLC though and doing it yourself just isn’t an option. We try to make car insurance as simple as possible, but things still get confusing. That’s what your Personal Advisor is for. Your Personal Advisor, or PA, can give you advice on coverage options. They’ll help you decipher “insurance speak” so you know exactly how changes to your policy will affect you and those covered on your policy. They can also assist you as some changes to your policy need approval. An example of this type of change is if you recently got married and needed to add a second name as an owner of your auto insurance policy.

We’re also new, so if the app isn’t updating the way it should or if you’re experiencing technical issues with the app – definitely let your PA know when this happens. We’re constantly testing and making the app faster and more intuitive, so we always want to know if you experience something that is out of the ordinary so we can make it better.

To put it simply, you are able to do the vast majority of auto insurance policy changes yourself through the Verti app. Anytime of the day, anywhere you want. Your Personal Advisor is there to make sure you’re getting the most out of your auto insurance policy and helping you when things get a little stressful or confusing. Anything about using the app or Personal Advisor you’d like more info about? Leave us a comment on Facebook or send us a tweet on Twitter to let us know!

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