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Accidents happen. And sometimes, it was a mistake on your part. Ugh. But before you panic about your premium skyrocketing, you could have something protecting you from a rise in your auto insurance. Your policy may offer accident forgiveness in these situations. What is accident forgiveness and how can it help you after an accident? Read on.

Accident forgiveness is a part of your policy that will protect your driving record from being negatively affected after an at-fault accident. Because it won’t affect your driving record (in the eyes of the insurance company at least), the cost of your premium won’t go up, even if it was determined you were at fault for the accident. Sweet!

Different insurance companies and different kinds of policies determine whether or not, and under what circumstances, you have accident forgiveness.

Verti, and most other car insurance companies, also offer this coverage as an add-on to your policy. Basically you pay a small additional amount of money on your car insurance policy to have accident forgiveness. If you have this coverage and are in accident that you were found responsible for, your car insurance premiums won’t go up. You’ll still have to pay for accident forgiveness coverage for 36 Months – if Accident Forgiveness coverage is removed, the chargeable at fault accidents will apply. But it’s still way cheaper than if you had an at fault accident without accident forgiveness coverage. If you didn’t have accident forgiveness, your car insurance premiums could increase from 72% on up to as much as 198% depending on your driving history. Your premiums would stay that high for roughly 3 years from the date of the at fault accident. If it was a major violation – these stay on for 5 years. So it’s much cheaper to pay a little bit up front for the peace of mind with accident forgiveness coverage rather than take the risk and end up having an at fault accident.

Verti also offers accident forgiveness for going 48 months accident free. Do that and you’re rewarded with earned accident forgiveness which will be added to your policy, totally free. A pretty awesome deal for being a good driver from the best car insurance in Pennsylvania.

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