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Buying a new car is one of the most exciting purchases you can make. After working so hard to snag your dream car, you deserve a ride that makes driving fun, easy and comfortable. Lucky for you, cars have been coming out with all kinds of awesome bells and whistles lately. Check out our list of the coolest high-tech features to look for in your new ride:

  1. WiFi and 4G LTE Data: Ever been driving through the mountains, on a road trip far away from any populated locations, or just weren’t getting cell service? Your days of being off the grid are over with built-in WiFi and 4G LTE. This turns your vehicle into a moving hotspot, so your passenger can text (no distractions while you’re driving), surf the internet and stream movies on the go. No more draining your phone’s battery, using up your cellular data plan or being disconnected on your next road trip!
  2. Blind Spot Monitor: One of the first things you learn in driver’s ed is to always check your blind spot. You should always check before changing lanes, but with this new feature, your car can offer an extra set of eyes and help you be extra careful. It is able to detect another vehicle in your blind spot and will set off a light in your rearview mirror, warning you not to merge. Fancy accessories on cars are cool, features that make your commute safer are cooler.
  3. App Compatibility: Long car rides require some hands free entertainment, like music streaming apps or audio books and looking down at your smartphone while driving is a big no-no. With this feature, your smartphone apps can be connected to your vehicle and be displayed and navigated up on your vehicle’s entertainment system. Now your passenger can launch that perfect road trip playlist on the big screen.
  4. 360 Degree Camera: Not great at parking? Driving a big car for the first time? We could all use a little help sometimes. This feature allows you to see your surroundings on all sides of the vehicle. With a wider viewing range than a traditional backup camera, fitting into a tight parking space will be a breeze.
  5. Climate Control: Not too hot, not too cold. With this “cool” new feature, the climate control system on your car will automatically adjust to the outside temperature. You can have separate zones in the car for when you’re hot and your passenger is cold. It can even tell when you’ve been driving in direct sunlight and take that into account when adjusting the temperature. Now that’s what you call a smart car!

If you are in the market shopping for a new car, don’t forget that Verti offers New Car Replacement at no extra charge! That’s just one reason why some of our customers are calling us one of the best car insurance companies in PA. What are your favorite high-tech features on your vehicle? What feature would your dream vehicle have? Share it with us over on Facebook or Twitter!

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