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Did you know that according to the CDC nearly 9 people are killed and more than 1000 injured a day in car crashes that are attributed to distracted driving? Distracted driving involves a lot more than just texting, really it’s anything that takes your attention away from driving. Other than texting here’s a list of other things to avoid that take your focus off the road.

  1. Texting and Driving: This is the big one and that’s why it’s at the top of our list. Texting and driving is not only dangerous but banned in the state of PA as well as many other states. Breaking the law will result in a $50 fine, plus court costs, and other fees. The ban goes as far as to ban all Interactive Wireless Communication Devices that send, read or write texts while the car is in motion.
  2. Grooming: Overslept and forgot to brush your hair in the morning? Not enough time to throw on some mascara and some lip balm? Shaving with an electric razor in the car? It’s happened to the best of us — but a lack of time isn’t an excuse to endanger yourself and others. Wait until you’ve reached your destination or potentially suffer the consequences of scratched corneas via mascara wands (true story) or much more seriously, car accidents.
  3. Eating / Drinking: Sometimes we have no choice but to eat on the road, which really isn’t the safest thing to be doing. Often times eating and drinking requires you to take your hands off the wheel, which means harder time controlling the car, breaking more often, and issues staying in the lane. If you’ve got the time – then try to eat before getting in the car, otherwise, save your snack for after you’ve arrived at your destination.
  4. Messing with your audio: Trust us, we get it. Nobody wants to go for a drive of any sort without some good tunes, but fiddling with your phone to find the perfect jam is dangerous and scanning the radio for the right song is often a risky task. If you don’t have a copilot to play DJ, then we suggest making a playlist ahead of time. Need a little inspiration? Check out one of ours!
  5. Rubbernecking: Human nature makes most of us curious, which means when we see an accident – we all want to stop and look. By suddenly slowing down to look at an accident or construction site you put yourself at risk of being rear-ended by the drivers behind you, or rear-ending the drivers in front of you too.

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