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We like to think driving is a breeze, just a smooth ride from Point A to Point B. Usually it is! But sometimes it’s not. But don’t worry, as long as you’re prepared for whatever the day may bring, you can ride around worry-free. As you probably know, your glove box is a handy little storage space in your vehicle you can stock with important items to make sure you’re ready for anything. Including gloves if you so choose. Here are some of our glove box essentials:

  1. Important documentation – You should always, always have your license and vehicle registration on you. It’s a good idea to at least keep your registration information in the glove box, just so you always know where it is and have it with you when you’re on the road. But don’t worry about keeping you proof of insurance in there – you have it right at your fingertips with the Verti app.
  2. Cleaning supplies – We’ve all been there…one second you’re enjoying a delicious iced latte, the next it’s all over your shirt. You should keep some napkins or wet wipes in your glove box in case of a spill.
  3. Cellphone charger – You should always have your cellphone on you when you’re driving, in case of an accident or if your car breaks down and you need some help from our roadside assistance. But when your phone is dead, well, it’s pretty useless. It’s a good idea to have a charger that works in your car just in case, so your phone can actually do what a phone is for in an emergency.
  4. Snacks – Everyone likes to munch. But sometimes, you’ll need an emergency snack. Keep a few granola bars in your glove compartment just in case your car breaks down and you’re stuck waiting for help. Or if you don’t have time to grab lunch before your next meeting. Either way, your stomach will thank you.
  5. Flashlight – Those car interior lights aren’t quite bright enough for you to see your phone that you dropped between the seats. Plus, if your car battery dies at night, you’ll definitely want to have some light for your safety.
  6. First aid kit – Hopefully the only thing you’ll need a first aid kit for is a paper cut, but it’s always smart to be prepared for anything. Many department stores sell compact kits that fit right in your glove box, should you ever need it.
  7. Owner’s manual – If your car needs a quick fix, it’s always good to have your owner’s manual handy, so you (or your mechanic) know the specific needs of your vehicle. Luckily, the owner’s manual is probably already somewhere in your vehicle, so you’ll be back on the road in no time.
  8. Sunglasses – Sunglasses can be a stylish addition to any outfit of course, but they can also help with dangerous sun glares while driving. It’s good to keep a pair handy in case you’re driving on a road that’s super sunny (or you’re just feeling fashionable).
  9. Mini-stain remover – First impressions are important, so make sure you’re not walking into any job interviews or a lunch date with a stained shirt. In case of a morning coffee spill, a stain remover pen can be a lifesaver…and a shirt saver.
  10. Paper map – Gasp! A paper map? People still use those? Well, as much as we love our smartphone GPS apps or the GPS built into the vehicle, it’s very possible a day will come where it fails. It’s a good idea to have paper map of your state or region, so you can find your way home if technology isn’t so reliable.

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