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Anything you could possibly think of- from shopping to music to cooking…yup…there’s an app for that. Even driving! Whether you’re looking for the best navigation app or some music for a long ride, we put together a list of our favorite apps that make driving easy.

  1. Waze — Navigation apps are commonplace these days, and most people with a smartphone rely on them to help them navigate to wherever they need to go. Waze goes above and beyond in the navigation app field. Waze suggests routes that helps you avoid traffic, alerts you of potholes or stopped vehicles on the road, and even alerts you of the speed limit in the area. Always late? Waze can even suggest what time to leave in order to arrive at your destination at your desired time. The only way they could make your ride easier is if they drove the car for you.
  2. Verti Insurance — Not to toot our own horn…but beep! Beep! Forget waiting to get on the line with someone from a big call center or trying to navigate through a robot phone menu to make one little change to your policy. With the Verti car insurance app, you can manage your auto insurance policy right from your smartphone, whenever you want. If you ever get into a fender bender, you can start a claim right from the app, or get in contact with your personal advisor ASAP.
  3. GasBuddy — There are few things in life more stressful than your tank being nearly empty and there’s no gas station in sight. With GasBuddy, you never have to panic about making it home. GasBuddy will find the closest gas stations in the area, and even better, includes prices and will highlight the places that have the cheapest gas. Your vehicle and your wallet will thank you.
  4. Roadtrippers — This app is perfect for adventurers. Plan a route and Roadtrippers will suggest restaurants, tourist attractions, hotels and more to stop at on the way. Whether you’re headed across the state or across the country, Roadtrippers will make sure your drive is as fun as possible. It even estimates the cost of gas for you.
  5. Audible — Long drives can be a real snooze- especially if you’re taking the trip alone. Lucky for us, Audible is a collection of thousands of audiobooks you can download and listen to in the car. Whether your kids love Harry Potter or you’re a Nicholas Sparks kind of person, Audible is sure to have to entertained the whole ride through. You’ll be at your destination in no time.
  6. TextArrest — Distracted Driving? Not cool. We all know we need to stay off our smartphones while we’re driving, but sometimes it helps to have a little reminder. With TextArrest, texting and emailing notifications are hidden and the screen is locked while your vehicle is in motion. That way, you can be extra sure your eyes stay on the road.
  7. SpotHero — Say goodbye to the days of driving in circles looking for parking until you end up late for work. SpotHero seeks out open parking garages and spaces near your destination. Find a garage, reserve your spot, and pay right from your phone before you even get there. Your parking problems, solved.
  8. MileIQ — Write off your commute to work as a business expense? Sweet. With MileIQ, you can easily track your miles to and from work, meetings, or wherever your business takes you. Just have the app open while you drive and it will track your miles, so you’ll have an exact number to report.
  9. Spotify — A good car ride starts with good music. With the Spotify app, you can create and save playlists of all your favorite songs. Plus, you can share your playlists with friends, and listen to theirs too.
  10. RepairPal — Ever bring your car to your local mechanic, and he gives you a repair price that seems a little shady? With RepairPal, you can search the average cost of repairs for your exact problem, for your specific type of vehicle, so you can make sure you’re getting a fair price. Of course with Verti, you can always call Repair Assist to speak with an expert mechanic who can help you as well, completely free of charge!

Do you have any apps that you won’t get on road without? Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter!

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